Handling the Fuel Transport Needs
of the Upper Midwest

Bulk Fuel Delivery Area - ND, SD, MN, IA, WI
Gas Station Island with Fuel Pumps

Ensuring that You Have the Fuels You Need, When You Need Them
When your business relies on gasoline, diesel fuel, or ethanol as a primary revenue source, consider partnering with D&J Transport.

Headquartered in Owatonna, Minnesota, we currently provide bulk fuel transport for clients throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. At D&J Transport we continuously plan for the future, constantly developing and implementing procedures that will allow us to grow and expand our service offerings as well as our service area.

Bulk Liquid Fuel Transport

As a regional trucking company focused on bulk fuel transport, we can haul and deliver up to 8,500 gallons of gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol, and bio fuels directly to your location in a single load. Specializing in this area of transport – bulk liquid fuels - allows us to offer competitive pricing and flexibility to our growing clientele.

Load Capacity = 8,500 gallons

  • Bio Fuels
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Ethanol
  • Gasoline

As a commercial fuel carrier, many of our aluminum tank trailers at D&J Transport are equipped with divided compartments for transporting multiple fuel products in a single delivery. This allows you, our customer, to effectively manage your business in the most efficient and profitable ways possible. Offering flexible transport solutions, year-round delivery, and a complete understanding of the liquid fuel industry, we know we can meet your commercial, industrial, and agricultural needs. We welcome the opportunity to become your fuel delivery partner, contact us for more information.

Commercial Liquid Fuel Tanker and Semi

Bulk Propane Transport (LPG)

At D&J Transport we utilize well-maintained propane tankers to safely haul and deliver bulk propane – up to 10,000 gallons in a single load – throughout our Upper Midwest coverage area. Along with safe and timely commercial propane delivery, we also place emphasis on developing strong partnerships with our customers – this allows us to properly meet fluctuating propane needs during the peak and off-peak seasons.

As a full-time hauler, we provide bulk propane transport year-round. When you need reliable delivery, turn to us at D&J Transport. Contact us to request a transport quote and to arrange contract carrier services for your bulk propane needs.

Commercial Propane Tanker and Semi

Qualified Owner / Operators

At D&J Transport we hold our truck operators to a rigid standard – taking their hazmat and driver training, in-field experience, and general demeanor into consideration. Our drivers are all fully-licensed, highly qualified, and specialize in fuel transport. They understand the heightened need for timeliness and safety that comes with hauling bulk liquid fuels.

As a Minnesota-based fuel carrier serving the upper Midwest, we also ensure that each of our drivers is comfortable and experienced when it comes to driving in all weather conditions. So whether it's a hot sunny day in July, or a bitter cold snow day in January, our operators will know exactly what precautions to take.

Truck Owner / Operator walking across the parking lot to his rig hauling a commercial propane tanker

A Well-Maintained Fleet

As a trucking company, the face of our business truly is our semi-tractors and fuel tankers. At D&J Transport we take great pride in operating with a well-maintained fleet of clean and modern equipment – including both single and multi-compartment tankers.

Each of our trucks and transport tankers is cleaned, maintenance, inspected, and safety-checked on a regular basis. Relying heavily on owner/operators, we hold them to the same standards – expecting them to run with continually cleaned and maintenance tractors. We also strive to outfit our vehicles with the best tracking and communications equipment possible, because we know that a great driver paired with a great rig is the optimal way to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient delivery every time.

Commercial liquid fuel tanker with divided compartments